March 12, 2009


Barb tagged me long ago to share six non-important things about yourself. I've already shared 100 and 13, but I'm a team player. So I stockpiled a bunch of random thoughts that weren't really worth their own blog posts.

1) I don't text message. I have sent like 25 texts in my whole life. And when I do, I type everything out grammatically. I even use the shift to add apostrophes and other punctuation. I sit and compose text messages, and I usually use my entire word limit.

2) I don't like raw carrots. When I was a child, I wanted to like them because my father liked them, and I remember choking them down in kindergarten because I wanted to be like my daddy. I wanted to like them, but to this day it just hasn't worked out for me. And, humorously enough, I feel the same way in adulthood about Mark Twain. I want to like his writings, I really do, but I just have never been able to make it work. So I choke them down, just like the carrots.

3) I used to really enjoy watching CSI, but now it's starting to drive me nuts. Who are these people who live in houses that have no extra dirt or fibers or hair besides those related to the murder? I swear, a week ago I dug a hairball the size of a bird's nest out of my shower drain, but these people have one solitary hair in their drain that just happens to belong to the killer? Ridiculous. CSI would spend days at my house on all the extraneous hairs and dirt and fingerprints they'd find.

4) I love the smell of my husband, no matter if he's sweaty or hasn't showered for three days or whatever. But I realized that I also love the smell of my dog in the same way. Dog is not generally a good smell, but am filled with love whenever I smell Charlie's stinky self. I like to pounce on him, bury my nose in his fur, and breathe in his doggyness.

5) I'm one of the only people in the US who doesn't care about Thin Mints. They aren't bad, but they're towards the bottom of the list of cookies I'd like to eat.

6) I don't really like to travel either. Most people say that they love to do this, but I am all traveled out. I've seen plenty of places in this world and I am kinda over it. I don't really care so much anymore about seeing places, only people. Even so, it takes a fair amount of effort to get me to leave my house and go somewhere. If I were to travel, I have some interest in the Grand Canyon and Arches National Park, and also India and Galapagos. Everywhere else, not so much. I'd rather go to Nebraska.

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