October 03, 2008


I am feeling better emotionally tonight, especially after a great chat with my husband. I told him that I really miss him and that, while I have had fun watching the debates with his friend, it's not the same. He said:

Husband says:
well when you've been in love as long as we have personalites start to merge
Husband says:
you become more or less one person
Husband says:
it's like talking to yourself

Yep, I miss my better half.

On the physical side, I feel terrible. I was told I might have "some cramping," but this is nearly as bad as the miscarriage. I did not expect to hurt this much. I hope it doesn't feel like this tomorrow.

Posted by Sarah at October 3, 2008 07:24 PM | TrackBack

If you want company, anytime, call me!

Posted by: Green at October 4, 2008 04:17 AM

I had written a entire post (it seemed) about this.... But what I really wanted to say, over everything, is that you're not alone. This treatment that you are going through - enduring - is to achieve what you feel is the right thing for you. And I do feel badly that you have to do this at all.... I hope that it works!! The "suck" is soon to come -- being pregnant is NO JOKE. I am here.... As always!

Posted by: Allison at October 4, 2008 06:50 AM