August 22, 2008


So I made some calls re: the windshield. Naturally there are two hitches: both my sticker to get on post and my state inspection sticker are on the broken windshield. I can only get a new inspection sticker if I get the windshield replaced in my state, and since our vehicle was registered at our old post, I have to go in with umpteen documents to get a new sticker at our current post. Pain in the neck. So I decided to just wait until I get home to get the windshield replaced.

But would you even believe that, while driving today, another rock hit me and made another chip in the glass in a different spot? Thank heavens I hadn't already fixed it; I would've gone through the roof.

Don't ride with me, I'm a rock magnet.

Posted by Sarah at August 22, 2008 12:10 AM | TrackBack

Ya really think you're going to make it home with that windshield, do ya? Maybe we should start a lottery on how many rocks till home.

Posted by: Ruth H at August 22, 2008 10:42 AM

Last summer I had 2 rocks hit my windshield in 1 week. Glad I didn't get the first one fixed before the second one happened. Just get on the rock hitting done on this trip.

Posted by: Butterfly Wife at August 22, 2008 01:53 PM

...well, I'd be more worried if the rocks and other flying objects had a tendency towards going through the windshield and hitting the passenger seat.

THEN I'd be reluctant to ride with you. ^_^;;

Posted by: Patrick Chester at August 22, 2008 03:48 PM