October 03, 2007


The husband and I have been catching up on TV series that came out while we were in Germany. We've been watching My Name is Earl lately and loving every minute. Last night we saw the most touching episode...

(Spoiler alert: If you want to watch the show and haven't made it through half of season two, you might not want me to ruin a wonderful episode surprise.)

Earl goes to do right by the guy he locked in a truck and finds the guy dead in his apartment. Earl decides the way to make amends is to throw the man a funeral since he can't seem to find anyone else to do it. This guy doesn't seem to have had any friends at all. No one knows anything about him. Earl throws a lame funeral and goes to clean the man's apartment out. He bumps the computer and finds dozens of IM screens from the man's online friends.

Turns out the guy's Real Life was all online. He didn't have any close friends in Camden County, but he had a vibrant social life in online poker, blogs, and chat rooms. All his online friends came to his second funeral and sent the man off in style.

My husband turned to me and said, "Oh, honey, he's just like you!" I just nodded because of the lump in my throat.

Best TV funeral since the 21 Pin Salute on Ed.

Posted by Sarah at October 3, 2007 08:11 AM | TrackBack

Not less real, just different. Hopefully, we don't have to worry about for about 70+ years.

Posted by: Butterfly Wife at October 3, 2007 02:29 PM

I love that show...Since we've moved stateside though, there are too many other shows to watch. Earl just kind of got pushed aside. After reading your post, I want to start watching it again! My favorite character is the trailer trash ex-wife. Hysterical.

Posted by: Erin at October 3, 2007 06:08 PM

My husband and I have watched it from the start. We are probably sick demented people but, we think one of the funniest bits on the show was Earls one-legged ex-girl friend and her no-legged new boyfriend. Also, "wakey, wakey, hands off snakey." just cracks me up for some reason.

Posted by: Pamela at October 8, 2007 01:37 AM