October 02, 2007


When I make socks, I always make them too short. I get anxious to start the heel and shave rows off the leg. Thus I always end up with short socks and a ball of leftover yarn.

This time I decided I was going the full length on the socks. I didn't want that ball of leftover yarn. Success! Definitely no leftovers here.



Looks like I'll be begging my German connection for another trip to the yarn shop. And then I'll be stuck with a whopping big ball of leftovers.

Posted by Sarah at October 2, 2007 11:08 AM | TrackBack

Oh, I can't wait until you teach me to do that!

Posted by: airforcewife at October 2, 2007 05:04 PM

Hey I live in K-Town DE. let me know where you got the yarn, and exactly what type it is, i could get a few rolls and send them off to you. If your 'Germany connection' falls through drop me a line.

Posted by: dagamore at October 3, 2007 03:51 AM

How did that happen???? I always make full length and usually have enough left over for baby socks! (But I only do 10 rows of ribbing. Looks like you did what the pattern said to do). Dang, that sucks.

Is that one of the skeins from that little store in Amberg?

Posted by: Erin at October 3, 2007 06:55 AM