September 09, 2006


Man, how come I find someone I want to be friends with and she lives in a different state? Yesterday I found an Army wife knitter who loves Alton Brown.

I've had a couple glasses of wine, so bear with my crush here. But I love Alton Brown. Numerous times I've asked my husband if we can marry Alton Brown. I can't get enough of Good Eats, and I tear up every time I watch Feasting on Asphalt. I often toy with the idea of driving to Marietta, GA, and just camping out at grocery stores until I see him.

Seriously, if you haven't seen Feasting on Asphalt, you should. No one breaks down the charm of America like Alton Brown.

I think celebrity crushes are ridiculous, but I swoon every time Alton is on TV.

Posted by Sarah at September 9, 2006 07:37 PM | TrackBack

Any time you want to come down to Marietta come on! I'm not far away lol (ok so I'm a total stranger, but who cares!)

Posted by: Jill at September 9, 2006 09:22 PM

tee hee!!

I always scope out his locations... especially that Kroger where he always seems to be. Alpharetta, I think?

He & Rachael Ray need to do a Food TV special together. I think it would be hilarious. :)

Posted by: The Girl at September 10, 2006 01:20 AM

I just followed your link... did you see the movie she was watching?! :) :) :)

Posted by: The Girl at September 10, 2006 01:22 AM

Hee. I know now what a brain sandwich is, and that I don't want to eat it!! :-)

Maybe it's Alton's hair? Or that he's goofy smart? Or that he's got a stand mixer with flames on it?!

Posted by: Princess Jami at September 14, 2006 04:45 PM