September 08, 2006


At the doctor today (another speedy and awesome visit), I was reminded of the ABCD's of skin cancer detection. I listened to the lecture and thanked the doctor, but what I really wanted to say was, "Thanks, dude, but we had AFN."

Posted by Sarah at September 8, 2006 02:30 PM | TrackBack

Now THAT is funny! Hubby and I still comment to this day about AFN and sometimes we even miss it! :)

Posted by: LMT at September 8, 2006 04:11 PM

Alas AFN...I get misty-eyed thinking of the commercial where they are trying to throw the paper in the garage, but calling their shots first.

I should also give an honorable mention to "Click it or ticket, don't be a dipstick, when you get in your car just click it".

Posted by: Vonn at September 8, 2006 05:42 PM

You're totally missing it now... apparently, AFN got more funding 1 September. There are all KINDS of new "commercials" out now. Even 2 new ones with Kay :) haha

Posted by: The Girl at September 9, 2006 01:40 PM

I actually grew to like those gooofy things. We'd try to guess where the location was before the other person. Oh the days of AFN.....*sigh*

Posted by: Household6 at September 9, 2006 04:02 PM

It would only have been funnier if your appointment was good old "Doc" Foglesong (sp?) You just gotta love AFN!

Posted by: Angie at September 9, 2006 04:19 PM

was *with* good

Posted by: Angie at September 9, 2006 04:20 PM