February 09, 2006


My husband and I had the following conversation last night:

Me: On Tuesday it will be a full year since you left for Iraq.
Him: Two years.
Me: Huh?
Him: Two years.
Me: Oh, right. Dang. (Pause) Daaaang.

I can't believe how time has flown. He's right: he left on Valentine's Day two years ago, and it'll be a full year in March since he's been home. My Swedish friend and I were talking over the weekend about how easy it is to lose track of time when you no longer measure your life in school grades. Once you get out of school, time is a big blur. Even something as monumental as a year of deployment got all mixed up in my head.

I can't believe he left two years ago. I remember it so vividly...

Posted by Sarah at February 9, 2006 09:26 AM | TrackBack

Sarah...it gets worse. I'm coming up on my 15th anniversary of returning from Desert Storm. Not that it exactly feels like yesterday...but it's been a decade and a half ago.

Be happy you're just counting the flying time in single digits.

See you on the high ground!


Posted by: MajorDad1984 at February 9, 2006 01:24 PM

I can't believe it's coming up on just a year since they've been home. Are we supposed to celebrate the day or something? It's sorta scary when you actually think about it because we're out of the "safe zone". Now I worry about when are they gonna tag him to go again? At least before we could say he hadn't even been home for an entire year.

Posted by: Angie D at February 9, 2006 01:44 PM

Yeah...I had to stop and think about it too a while back...for some reason, February 2004 seems like yesterday. I can still remember that early, cold morning. Wow. Two years.

Posted by: Nicole at February 9, 2006 04:52 PM