December 14, 2004


Last night I had a dream that my husband and I were reading blogs together. What an exciting life, huh? Anyway, in the dream my husband got up to go to the bathroom, and I thought of something I wanted to say to him. I woke up and thought to myself that I would tell him when he returned from the bathroom. Then I had the slow realization that he wasn't in the bathroom.

We hit the 300th day last week. And I found today that my deployment philosophy is the same as Major Phelps':

I continually tell myself and I wholeheartedly believe that if we as a country can confront terrorism and rouge nation-states that support terrorist acts and if we can bring peace, hope, freedoms, and democracy to a country in the heart of the Middle East while at the same time solidifying the security, freedom, and liberties of this great nation then my sacrifice is inconsequential. If I am asked to partake in some small way to accomplish this goal then I say take me before my four sons are confronted with this problem in 20 years and they are forced to clean up a problem that has only festered, become increasingly worse and a problem that we should have confronted twenty years earlier. We are doing the right thing, and America needs to stand united and reaffirm to themselves every now and then that we are in fact doing the right thing. I think I'm a free minded thinker, and I'm not "brainwashed" by the President, Mr. Rumsfield, or some "right wing propaganda conspiracy theory." I really think we're attempting to accomplish something monumental. I guess we'll see.

I don't mind being left alone for a cause this important.

Posted by Sarah at December 14, 2004 07:48 AM

300 days. Hopefully you mean 300 on the ground which means only 65 left before redeployment. Thye will go by quickly. Good luck to your deployed soldier

Posted by: cptham at December 14, 2004 05:56 PM

If this were a monumental act against terror I think the world would've agreed rather than need bribes to join the 'coalition of the willing'. Blair faces impeachment and no chance of reelection. Bush commits fraud and gets the bigotry vote.

How can you explain the discrepancy of understanding between intelligent, caring people of the world and half of one country?

You have some sort of 'faith' in the Iraqi invasion, but what is it based upon?

The only military action close to being humanitarian made by America was the intervention in the Balkans by Clinton. If you really believe that Bush is trying to 'liberate' Iraqis and bringing freedom is the only reason we invaded, then forget everything I've said and I'll never post to you again.

Posted by: mckilla at December 14, 2004 06:14 PM


This comment doesn't belong here, but I didn't want it to get lost in the ridiculousness that is the comment section of the relevant entry. Anyway, I wanted to be the first to say:


You're on LGF!

Posted by: Carla at December 14, 2004 06:19 PM

Ooh, look, another troll with a fake e-mail address. No need to fear here, little warty one. Only Moveon types spam e-mails, we are a bit above that.

And no, we don't think that Bush only planned to liberate the Iraqis. It's a nice side effect of getting rid of Saddam. But please, could you stay away anyway?

Mckilla, in case you haven't gotten it, you could disappear and we wouldn't notice. Except the optimism meter would go up about 1000 degrees. Let me explain, to most humans, optimism is a GOOD thing. Cynism is bad. And don't give me any realism crap. Your reality is limited, clearly, by your personality. Need one say more?

And doesn't the fact that you lump all Bush voters into the bigot category make you, in fact, err, a BIGOT? Nah, that can't be right, you're one of the unwashed, unappreciated, enlightened masses. (Is he gone yet?)

Posted by: Oda Mae at December 14, 2004 07:54 PM