September 01, 2008


Two new links via CG. The first comes from American Princess, who's happy to have a VP candidate who walks the walk:

Just try to talk abortion with a woman who was offered the opportunity to kill her Down’s Syndrome baby and passed it up, choosing instead to give the baby life. Just try to talk about health care, the price of groceries and the price of gas with a woman who raised five kids in the wilderness. Just try to talk about unions and labor jobs with a woman married to a union steelworker who does Deadliest Catch style crab fishing. On these issues she’s Rock. Solid.

(Also, go read the whole thing and see why she brilliantly said, "The man who wanted “change,” adopted the Bush mentality on dual Presidency.")

The second link comes from Heather MacDonald, who does not support the Palin pick because it panders to identity politics.

Of course, Democrats have been playing the identity-politics game to the hilt this election cycle; it’s what they do. And it will be amusing to watch them twist themselves into knots to avoid criticizing the Palin pick for what it is: a diversity ploy. As short-term political strategy, the Palin selection has diabolical appeal. Prevented from stating the obvious—Palin was chosen because she was a woman—the Democrats will instead have to seize on her lack of experience. They are right to do so, but then they have to explain why Barack Obama is so much more qualified for the top of the ticket, let alone the number two spot.

It's hard not to be overjoyed that this will work to our advantange, though I understand MacDonald's feeling that "Your enthusiasm for her is driven in large measure by the fact that the McCain camp has beaten the Democrats at their own game, and in so doing, driven Obama’s moment of glory off the wires."

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When did "pro-life" start to mean "white trash"?

Posted by: Will at September 1, 2008 04:59 PM

Wow: Sarah Palin is about to become a grandma - but she's still a bad ass

Posted by: metro1 at September 2, 2008 03:41 AM

“Thanks a lot, John McCain. With his selection of an unknown, two-year female governor as his running mate, he has just ensured that the diversity racket will be an essential component of presidential politics forever more.”

Hysterical. The Republicans get blamed for “the diversity racket” for “hiring” a woman. Now that’s funny.

Palin isn’t bringing us diversity into politics anymore than JFK brought us religion into politics. This author needs to a little historical research. I can’t believe VDH actually coauthored a book with her.

Interesting how a woman finds fault with this. She probably has at one point complained about just the opposite. Which just makes her a typical woman, can’t please ‘em either way.

Wonder if she blamed Pres. Bush for playing “diversity racket” when he hired Colin Powell, Condi Rice…Oh, that’s right they were “qualified”, just look at their respected records of achievement while in office. Someone let me know what that is when you find out, PLEASE.

Posted by: tim at September 2, 2008 03:10 PM