August 29, 2008


Watched Obama last night. The various authors at The Corner summed up everything I thought during the speech. VDH even said "Hope and Change Become Gloom and Doom" like I said yesterday. And overall, I thought that the speech was great, as long as you don't know anything else about Obama. But my laugh-out-loud moment came from this Jonah Goldberg gem:

And My Fellow Americans...
If we all work our hardest, we can make this the best yearbook ever!



Another good line from Five Feet of Fury:

I can't be the only one sick of hearing speech after speech out of the DNC, regaling America with cringe-inducing anecdotes about one-armed, one-legged, dying, dirt poor pathetic losers.
I'm getting sarcastic emails (and hearing similar comments on radio and around the web) saying: "Gee, here I thought I was living in America. After listening to the speeches this week, I realized I'm living in Rwanda and didn't even know it! Thank you, Democrats, for telling me what a pathetic failure of a nation I call home!"

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Oh shoot! I had some other (i.e., more important) things to do last night, like listen to SpouseBUZZ radio and go to bed. Oh schucky-darn to have missed his speech! Besides, I would probably be divorced (or widowed) had that been on the TV last night. But I am glad good people like you have the fortitude to watch.

Posted by: Butterfly Wife at August 29, 2008 10:19 AM