January 31, 2008


"So, who are you going to vote for?"

There are few words that strike fear into my heart like those. How much should I say to someone I am just getting to know? Should I let on how much I follow this kind of stuff? Dear heavens, what if she says she's voting for Hillary?

It worked out just fine in this case and we had a lovely chat. But man, do I hate when that comes up for the first time.

Posted by Sarah at January 31, 2008 01:47 PM | TrackBack

If someone has to ask such a question, they should be prepared for whatever the answer is.

Go Mitt!

Posted by: tim at January 31, 2008 03:40 PM

Answer: The person I feel is best qualified. I haven't completely settled on that yet but I will by election day.

Generally the people who ask these types of questions are very rabidly leaning one direction or another and it's better not to get into a political discussion with them. *grin*

Posted by: Teresa at February 2, 2008 12:41 PM