January 22, 2008


In October, I got interviewed for a Military Spouse Magazine article on how deployments mess with family planning. We had just found out that I was finally pregnant, so I had a triumphant story to tell: we had wasted most of our safe year, but it had worked out in the end.

The article just got published. So much for happy endings.
It's pretty surreal to see your happiness immortalized in a magazine after everything has gone to crap.

I've had a couple of people suggest that I try to get paid to write for a publication, but this is a prime example of why I don't have much interest in such endeavors. Talk about old media; so much has happened in the three months it took for the article to go to print that the story isn't even remotely accurate anymore.

So I'll keep writing my drivel here for free.


Son of a gun...I just found this interview that I gave, dang, like last summer. Tee hee, it's about Erin!

Posted by Sarah at January 22, 2008 08:37 AM | TrackBack

sending hugs your way. I totally understand, about the amount of time it takes, for an interview, until it becomes print, in a publication. A certain Military Publication took almost one year, before printing an interview, from me.........
and then, there's Erin.....where would we be?, without her??Love you, both!(and your hubby's, too!)

Posted by: debey at January 22, 2008 12:13 PM