June 03, 2007


Our best friend from college is Indian. He got a computer science degree and then got a work visa from his employer. And unfortunately, to my understanding of the system, his work visa is tied to the job he applied for, so he hasn't been able to be promoted once in the past five years. He's waiting patiently in line for his green card so he can advance in his job and become a bigger asset for his employer.

He's also one of the smartest and most informed people we know. He's the guy my husband calls when he wants to talk politics or foreign affairs. And if he has to get in the same line as Mexican fruit pickers, I will be royally disgusted with my country.

(this article also via Hud, who calls it the nail in Bush's coffin)

Posted by Sarah at June 3, 2007 08:40 AM | TrackBack

As I read it, this works greatly to your friend's benefit. He wouldn't have qualified for one of the superstar visas, surely, but now his English proficiency, work history, and skills will earn him points. So he won't have to sully himself in line with Mexican fruit pickers for long.

Posted by: Pericles at June 3, 2007 07:53 PM