January 10, 2007


Remember this summer when our travel voucher got all messed up and the Army paid us about $600 too much? That overpayment finally got found and corrected in November. But they did it again this time! And WAY more than $600. My husband just sighed and said, "More interest to be made." OK, Army, we'll keep your two grand for you for a while.

Ah, Finance. It's good to be away from you.

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When we first arrived in Germany (and when I knew little to nothing about how to read and correctly interpret an LES), I discovered by accident that we were being paid about $700 per month too much. (luckily I had a good idea of what a 2LT gets paid per month!) Without knowing that these things always get resolved eventually, I took my power of attorney and headed over to the finance office to make them aware of the situation...the look on the guy's face was too funny. It was the "you're actually reporting this?" look. The next month they promptly took back all of the overpayment...which introduced me to the "if you are underpaid, we'll take our time re-paying you but if you are overpaid, we'll take it all back at one" policy. :)

Posted by: Nicole at January 10, 2007 11:16 AM

sorry...meant to write "once"

Posted by: Nicole at January 10, 2007 11:17 AM