November 27, 2005


Several people have asked about Charlie's Thanksgiving. We're not much for giving him table scraps, but he did hang out in the kitchen most of the day while we were preparing the food, scrounging what fell on the floor -- a bit of ham here, a crumb of bread there. But when we all sat down at the table, we heard an ominous noise from the living room. The husband remembered that our platter of summer sausage and cheese was still on the coffee table. I raced in to find Charlie wolfing down as much as he could before we caught him.

About an hour later, Kelly's son came in the kitchen and whispered, "Um, Charlie threw up." We all had a good laugh at the pile on the dining room floor: three un-chewed pieces of cheese and two un-chewed slices of sausage. No time for chewing when you have to eat as much as you can before someone finds you, right?

Because we had a full house, Charlie didn't get any naps that day. When everyone left after dinner, he crashed for the night. I think he had a pretty exciting Thanksgiving.

Posted by Sarah at November 27, 2005 09:01 AM | TrackBack

Puppies and dogs aren't real great on chewing anything to eat, just what you don't want them to chew. They generally gulp things down, specially if they are doing it clandestinly. We have had dogs eat a lot of goodies, a to z, and most don't throw up from it. The last ones we have had cannot seem to digest turkey or sausage and throw that up. They do really well with cheese though. Too much of even a good thing will also cause that effect.

Posted by: Ruth H at November 27, 2005 07:41 PM