November 02, 2005


My German former co-worker used to often say how lucky we were to be living in Europe instead of the US, you know, where all the crime is. I mean, thank goodness we live in peaceful Europe, where there have been massive riots in Paris for the past week. Good thing we're not in the Midwest anymore; boy, is it more dangerous there than in Europe! (via LGF)

I had no idea that black people had dibs on New Orleans. Apparently they all called squatters on the city before they left, like my brother used to do with his spot on the sofa when he would go to the kitchen for a drink. And now that Hispanics are moving into New Orleans to take construction jobs, Jesse Jackson is crapping his pants. A large number of black people say they have no plans to return to New Orleans, so Jesse wants to bus them back in. Sheesh. (via Hud)

And on a lighter note, read Mare's Halloween post.

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I am just watching news coverage of the riots in Paris. If this were happening in the US, the whole world would be criticizing our unfair social system, or George Bush. Can you say Schadenfreude?

Posted by: CaliValleyGirl at November 3, 2005 08:13 PM