March 23, 2009


And the hits just keep coming.

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela called President Obama “ignorant” on Sunday, saying he has a lot to learn about Latin America.
Mr. Chávez said: “If Obama respects us, we’ll respect him. If Obama tries to keep disrespecting Venezuela, we will confront the North American empire.”

Bwahaha. But I thought the whole world would love us and sing kumbaya once Obama was elected? I thought Obama was a "citizen of the world" who chided us all for not speaking French (even though he can't) and never met a dictator he couldn't sit down and negotiate with?

You mean to tell me that actually Obama doesn't even know that there are different formats for movies throughout the world (something I learned in French class in high school; maybe if he'd taken French, he would've learned it too) and that he can't magically make dictators love us just by kissing their butts?

And his mere fact of existence doesn't change the world into a Garden of Eden?

Say it isn't so.

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Chávez is a saint, but Obama is our gOd!

Ignorant? Did Chávez ever go to Punahou (why hasn't it become Obamacademy yet?) or Columbia or Hahhhhvahhhhd? Noooo! Chávez is just jealous.

The wOrld IS a jOrdan, er, jardin d'Éden! Open your OjOs! Stop flashing back to the Bushaitanic past! It's gone forever! Don't deny you're living in the infinite eOn!

We wouldn't blame Obama for not knowing about DVD regions. Did he personally select the gift (and we don't mean poison)? Maybe some Dumbya double agent switched the DVDs.

And maybe a Dumbya demon possessed Obama when he wrote to Chirac instead of Sarkozy (via Toren)

Nothing can be Obama's fault:

Narcissists have ALLOPLASTIC DEFENCES. While most people ask: What have I done wrong? How can I better myself and my situation? The narcissist asks: WHO is responsible for my situation? Who conspired against? Who is out to get me? Who can I blame for this? Whose fault is it?

- Sam Vaknin

The answer is obvious. It is the fault of the kulaks, the wreckers, the Republicans, and the DINOs (demOcrats in name only). Omerica is full of enemies who will refuse to sign the pledge. This natiOn has no shortage of scapegoats. One man can blame millions for his mistakes.

At the rate he’s going, he’s a better bowler than he is a president.

- James Hudnall

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