March 11, 2009


I have been surprised at how many people were shocked that I shared an ultrasound room. Is it because it's a military hospital? I've never tried to have a baby anywhere else. But there's always been more than one person in the room when I've been there for an ultrasound, just never someone so loud and obnoxious. None of you readers who had babies on other installations had to double-up on ultrasound rooms?

Oh, and I totally called it: I've already had two people tell me that yesterday's news was good. One was even excited about it. Wow.

Posted by Sarah at March 11, 2009 01:58 PM | TrackBack

WR's fertility clinic does not have a double room at all that I know of. Neither did the president's hospital's reg obgyn office. That seems really bizarre. Especially at a fertility clinic. Seriously, I only know from my experience at a military place and some of the things they seem to do down there are not what happened in my experience and I wish you had better service.

Real nice on the other thing.

Posted by: wifeunit at March 11, 2009 02:17 PM

At WR's clinic they do not have any double rooms that I know of. Even at the reg obgyn at NNMC, they don't have double rooms. It seems bizarre to me, especially at a fertility clinic. I only know from my experience, but it was also military run and some of what you have dealt with is not what they did where I went.

And real nice about the other thing.

Posted by: wifeunit at March 11, 2009 02:25 PM

I totally did pretty good at remembering what I said since I forgot to copy it and your comment thing is ornery...

Posted by: wifeunit at March 11, 2009 02:26 PM

I had wondered about that too, but I wasn't sure what type of a facility you were in--I guess I imagined a triage kind of curtained area like in an ER rather than a doctor's office.

I've never shared a room for any of my ultrasounds, OB related or otherwise.

I'd definitely still like to clock that guy on your behalf.

I also think it is insensitive of the medical staff to put higher risk patients in with those who are not.

Posted by: Guard Wife at March 11, 2009 03:12 PM

I go to a small podunky little Naval Hospital which has some serious cranial-rectal inversion problems at times (though we've found all the really GREAT people there), and I've NEVER shared a room for an ultra-sound.

And... punch the stupid people. You are entitled. No matter what happens you can always blame it on hormones.

Posted by: Val at March 11, 2009 03:28 PM

Hmmm, the posts we were stationed at during our infertility/pregnancy stuff were ones that did not have maternity care on post any longer. So I was seen by a civilian RE and later an OB. No sharing of u/s rooms.

Now I'm curious, (and nosy, so you don't have to answer publicly) are you being seen by an actual reproductive endocrinologist? Not just an OB/GYN with a infertility "specialty"? Because there is a big difference, and with what you have been through you need to be referred out, like months ago. Have they talked about starting baby aspirin or Lovenox or oral/injectable progesterone (you were just on the suppositories right?) I'm starting to get pissed off because I feel like they're not serious enough, and while they're dicking around you're losing baby after baby. ARGH. Sorry for the vent, I just want you to get better care.

Posted by: dutchgirl at March 11, 2009 04:08 PM

Civilian of course- but definitely no shared rooms ever, and they always had a back door for me to escape by to avoid the shiny happy people. I always thought they were worried about me scaring the other folks, but perhaps they were thinking of my needs too. pretty darn absurd. Especially for a t/v us, right?

Posted by: Lane at March 12, 2009 08:43 AM

It's got to be a military hospital facility thing. When I had my daughter (nearly 30 years ago!!!) at a large metro type hospital - the same one where my husband was born - I was one of their "low income" patients.

We paid a set fee for the labor/delivery doctor stuff because we had no insurance... this meant we got all the low end care, and it was definitely not the type of care we would have gotten had we been using insurance - not even close.

However, we still had an ultrasound room to ourselves! (or I should say I had an ultrasound room to myself... my husband was working so we could eat - I took myself in for checkups and procedures - so he was never there for the ultrasounds)

Posted by: Teresa at March 12, 2009 10:54 AM

(I'll try this again couldn't get a comment in yesterday.)

At the Naval Hospital here I never had to share an ultrasound room. All the exam rooms are private, and there was barely room for my husband. However, when we did the doppler to listen to the heartbeat, it was in our group room. But none of us were high risk all high risk pregnancies had to go to the Army hospital.

I don't know what the Army Hospital is like, though. I hope to never find out I was very happy with my OB care at the Navy Hospital.

It really seems like the hospital you went to was cheating people out of a private event. Lousy, lousy. And they should NEVER have put a high-risk patient in with a healthy one. That's just unthoughtful!

Posted by: Deltasierra at March 12, 2009 02:24 PM

Nope, I never had to double up for an ultrasound, not CONUS or OCONUS and not even on the GE economy.

What I did loath though was having to double up in a room for two nights after each birth. Oh what I would have given for a private room, but it was what it was. Needless to say, I was super glad to finally get home each time.

When I think about the double room, I am also thankful that I only shared a room with one other person. I ended up a GE hospital once during my last pregnancy b/c I had a seziure, I was in a room with 15 other people. Boy that sucked. So, see, I guess sharing a room with one person isn't all that bad. I guess. But, I still prefer privacy if I have the option. :)


Posted by: LMT at March 13, 2009 10:07 AM