January 25, 2009


My husband came in from the other room completely puzzled, because I was laughing so hard I was crying.

Iowahawk's parody of those pledging celebs.

(If you haven't watched the celeb video, you kinda have to torture yourself for four minutes in order to get the Iowahawk joke.)

Posted by Sarah at January 25, 2009 11:31 AM | TrackBack

Okay, I finally watched the video. Now I get your bicep kissing Barack Obama reference.
I think that Jason Bateman did a good job in that...he came away not looking too douchey...I mean, he seemed more like he was making fun of it all.
I come from Los Angeles, and love it, but it has to be the most self-absorbed places in the world. I love how introducing yourself to your neighbors is like a novel idea for them. And helping others. And smiling. And not flipping people off in traffic. Sounds like it was more a How to Change Los Angeles video than anything else...and PDiddy is going to turn off the lights when not in use...wow...that's great...seriously, these people are really clueless...let's all be nice and happy and not use plastic bags and bottles and drive hybrids and the world will be a better place...yay!

Posted by: CaliValleyGirl at January 25, 2009 11:44 AM

I watched the video last week it with the sound off until the end. Just looking at the thing was bad enough. I finally heard the rest today. Of course the audio made it even worse. But it was worth it to understand Iowahawk.

I still don't recognize the majority of people in the video. Has someone posted a roll call of the guilty parties? I've been trying to Google a cast list, but no luck so far. I assume that one of Obama's fans (or foes) would have gone to the trouble of naming the ones for the One.

Posted by: Amritas at January 25, 2009 07:16 PM

I, honestly, couldn't make it through the entire 4-plus minutes, but once I had a sense of it, I still enjoyed Iowahawk's post very much. If, when I'm over my food-borne illness completely, I can stomach the entire video, I will do it.

Posted by: Guard Wife at January 25, 2009 07:31 PM

I loved Iowahawk's satire but I have to admit, when I watched the actual video, it almost didn't NEED satire. It was 99% self parody as-is. Unbelievable!

Posted by: Amy at January 26, 2009 07:29 PM