November 24, 2008


I was just getting ready to leave for work when this email from CaliValleyGirl popped up:

Just wanted to make sure that you didn't slip in the shower or long email needed, just a sign of life!


I am here, just busy. Worked all day Saturday. Stayed up until 3 AM online with Amritas. Babysat yesterday. Eek. I came home from the experience thinking that there's no way I can be a mother, that I will do a horrible job, that I don't have the patience.

And then I caught my favorite episode of Scrubs ever, and realized that I probably will find the courage.

I got in bed last night and grabbed my Atlas Shrugged. And I remembered something that I hadn't thought of until last night: the men of Galt's Gulch only lived there one month of the year. They weren't allowed to wall themselves off from the reality of life; they had to keep jobs and live amongst the looters. But they returned to the gulch once a year to be with likeminded individuals.

So really, we have this gulch. The gulch is any time we get together, at the Milblogs Conference, at a SpouseBUZZ, at a house in Ohio, or even just typing on the internet until 3 AM.

Seems like we've had our gulch all along.

Posted by Sarah at November 24, 2008 09:40 AM | TrackBack

I used to feel the same way about babysitting and "momming." (I did NOT enjoy babysitting...) But really, babysitting other people's kids is hugely different than taking care of your own - HUGELY. I promise. For so many reasons. And you're absolutely right - you'll find the courage; I'm sure of it! :-)

Thanks for pointing that out about Galt's Gulch, too - there's so much I don't remember from that book...

And I've tagged you as having a fabulous blog - please don't feel pressured to keep it going, but I wanted to pass on the compliment! :-)

Posted by: kannie at November 24, 2008 03:20 PM

Once a day here sure beats once a year.

I'd go crazy waiting for the next reunion!

Posted by: Amritas at November 24, 2008 03:57 PM

I'm sure that the men of Galt's Gulch felt the same way I feel after coming home from SBL or the MilBlogging conference.

Posted by: HomefrontSix at November 25, 2008 03:42 AM

Yes, kannie is absolutely right on that one. Your own kids are totally different. Unless it's an adorable kid that you WANT to hang out with.... But that's fairly uncommon; kids are so annoying. Your own kids can bug you, but it IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!

I am slowing getting through The Fountainhead. I am taking my time, kinda accidently. It's everything for me not to quote it by the paragraph on my bloggie. Next will be Atlas....

Posted by: Allison at November 25, 2008 07:32 PM