November 21, 2008


Am finishing up the Die Hard series and had one of those thoughts, which I promise I would've had even if my house hadn't been man-less for seven months.

Someone actually had this:


and then said, nah, I think I'd rather have this:


I mean, seriously, was she high?

Posted by Sarah at November 21, 2008 07:42 PM | TrackBack

No kidding. I never got that one.

Posted by: airforcewife at November 21, 2008 08:08 PM

Yeah, don't get it either. Bruce Willis is my one celebrity crush, and Ashton Kutcher is way too emo/metro/grunge for me. And he's not nearly as funny as Bruce (yeah, we're on a first name basis).

Posted by: Sis B at November 21, 2008 08:46 PM

ha ha! You crack me up!
*however, I TOTALLY agree with you.

Posted by: sharona at November 21, 2008 09:09 PM

LOL!!! I don't have any better theories...

Posted by: kannie at November 21, 2008 09:19 PM

Do not grok either...

who said that?

Because I do not want to ever hang out with them...


Posted by: awtm at November 21, 2008 11:12 PM

AWTM, are you asking who originated the word 'Grok'?

If so (and if you like to read) may I recommend a book titled 'Stranger In A Strange Land' by Robert A. Heinlein. It is about 40 years old now, but still newer than tomorrow in many ways.

If you aree not asking who made up the word 'Grok' then never mind ;^P

Posted by: Siddhartha Vicious at November 22, 2008 09:05 PM

Maybe she agrees more with his politics? He - like a typical Hollywood leftie - said some pretty stupid things this past election season. Bruce, on the other hand, actively supports the troops.

Posted by: Miss Ladybug at November 23, 2008 12:35 AM


Some Days I feel as though I am typing in Chinese when I visit here...

no I got Grok...

I do not Grok Ashton...

ick pewy

Posted by: AWTM at November 23, 2008 12:47 AM

Who DOES grok Ashton Kutcher? I mean, seriously - I think he's secretly a girl.

Posted by: airforcewife at November 23, 2008 07:46 PM

Ok. My theory is that she, being a strong-minded female, wanted a male that she could dominate/control. Ashton fit the bill. Bruce was way too much for her to dominate.....


Posted by: Mary at November 24, 2008 01:05 AM

Mary - can't be that...

I'm a very strong minded woman and it's so much more fun being married to a man who is my match. If my husband was a push over I would have been done with him years ago. I think it's the "if I can get a young guy then I'm still 25 and will never have to grow up" syndrome. Happens to a lot of women in their 40's or 50's. Mostly to the ones who've never had a thought more serious than what's in and what's out in Hollywood.

Posted by: Pamela at November 24, 2008 09:23 AM