November 07, 2008


A quote at the NYT from election night:

Indeed, for many who had watched this campaign from afar, there was a sense that the election was not just an American affair but something that touched people around the world, whatever their origin. "I want Obama to win with 99%, like Saddam Hussein," said Hanin Abu Ayash, who works at a television station in Dubai and monitored early returns on his computer.

Sweet merciful Jesus. I mean, that just makes me froth at the mouth and want to smash something.

I found that link via a thought-provoking post at The Volokh Conspiracy:

There are two versions of American exceptionalism. American-American exceptionalism is “we’re richer because we’re better.” European-American exceptionalism is “you’re better because you’re richer.” Both sides agree on exceptionalism, and just see different causes and implications. The Europeans expect us, on account of our wealth, to live up to (their) ideals, while we think that our wealth ought to prove to them that our ideals are better than theirs.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Posted by Sarah at November 7, 2008 06:42 PM | TrackBack

Me loves Post-election Sarah...had I known an Obama election would lead to so much grokking I might have supported Obama...

That reminds me of a college literature class I took...and we were discussing, either Dubliners or Ulysses or some other James Joyce work. And the prof read a sentence outloud and looked around the classroom and said: "now what do you think of the writing of that sentence?" Nobody said anything...and seeing as no one wanted to risk losing face, I risked a guess: "oh, it's just perfect...perfect composition"....or something like that. And the prof said: "YES!" I thought it was just a stupid sentence, but could see this is what the prof thought...but right now, right this moment, I am feeling a little of what he felt with this:

"Sweet merciful Jesus. I mean, that just makes me froth at the mouth and want to smash something."

Perfect...just perfect...

Posted by: CaliValleyGirl at November 7, 2008 08:43 PM

We too want Omerica to be exceptional. The Axis of Good has been missing a member since 2003. Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is suffering from loneliness. Cheer him up! Ahmadinejad is waiting with open arms.

Here is some gOOd news that should please Comrade Hanin Abu Ayash: Our Leader did win 95% ... of the African-American vote. A small percentage of Thomas Sowells still refused to vOte for the Only ChOice, but we hope they can change.

Posted by: kevin at November 8, 2008 06:05 PM