November 07, 2008


My husband has been deployed for six months today.

In many ways, it has gone quickly. It has been easy. But I also want him to come home Right Now so we can enjoy our time together before he leaves again.

Six months ago, I was pregnant. It seems like an eternity ago. It seems like a dream instead of something that really happened. A year ago, I was at the BlogWorldExpo in Vegas. I was also pregnant then. That doesn't seem possible either.

We have a little over a month until my husband comes home. I have already watched all the Rambos and all the Die Hards. I'm gonna try to squeeze in all the Terminators before he gets home and makes me start watching movies for people with a brain.

And when he gets home, I finally get to read Liberal Fascism.

Posted by Sarah at November 7, 2008 07:44 AM | TrackBack

That is a great book. Hubby and I listened to the audiobook version.

Posted by: Leofwende at November 7, 2008 11:17 AM

We have not read Liberal Fascism. Republicans planted a copy in our campus library, but we sacrificed it to mother Gaia before we could let it contaminate our minds.

We need no books beyond the classics which were not written by Europpressors.

We can guess what Goldberg has written. We've heard his false equation before. It is easy to refute. We are nothing like Nazis. We are beyond racism. We are beyond nationalism. Fascism is the universal f-word. But our Great Leaders are loved throughout the world!

Posted by: kevin at November 8, 2008 05:24 PM