November 05, 2008


From The Corner:

The Role of Race: It Was Important [Byron York]

The exit polls suggest that race was a factor in a lot of voters' decisions and that, on balance, it worked to Barack Obama's advantage. In Ohio, for example, six percent of voters said that race was the most important factor in their decision. Among them, Obama won 59-40. Another 13 percent said race was an important factor in their vote, and Obama won among them, 52-46. So nearly one in five voters said race was an important part of their decision, and more of them voted for Obama than McCain.

Beyond that, eight percent said race was a "minor factor" in their decision and they went for McCain, 56-44. Finally, 71 percent said race played no role at all in their decision and Obama won among them, 54-45.

I don't want to hear anything about racism anymore. It's a dead issue in the US now. Thank heavens.

History has been made. I agree with Derbyshire though that it's a shame it happened with this guy.

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