September 22, 2008


My husband is deployed right now, so we don't pay a dime of taxes. And even when he's here, as a one-income family, we don't pay that much into the pot. But I, like Morgan Freeberg, try to look at what's best for the entire US and not just my own wallet.

Classic example of gulping the liberal koolaid without knowing you're gulping it: "Oh don't worry, that's a tax on super rich people, not you!"

The pattern is that if it can be categorized as a tax cut for 95% of us, then everyone should be thinking of it as a tax cut for all of us, even if the remaining five percent see their tax liabilities go shootin' so freakin' high that it ends up being a net increase. It all depends on your point of view: In my world, if we all end up paying more, then we all end up paying more.

But I notice if you look at this through the left-wing lens, whether you know you're doing it or and the AP up there...then 95% of us pay less taxes.

We'll just pay more for goods and services, that's all.

Or, as commenter aharris said:

So, I can pay less taxes until those who produce the goods I depend on for my livelihood: gas, food, clothing, etc., start hiking prices to compensate for their increased tax burden. I can look to pay less in taxes and enjoy no impact on my life until my husband's division of the company who has to yearly justify its existence and profitability to its German headquarters can no longer show enough return on its investment vis a vis the tax burden on business in the US and the Germans decide to pick up and re-locate the entire division to Mexico where they already have a small plant in operation. My husband might lose his job, or if he's valuable enough, he might be offered a transfer, and all of a sudden, I am forced to face becoming a citizen of Mexico.

I don't care if my husband would take home more money under an Obama presidency because I am not shortsighted enough to make voting decisions based on what is best for me personally. Shoot, if I did, wouldn't I be anti-war? Bring the troops home and give me a tax cut, future of the US be damned!

And make my knitting for charity tax deductible while you're at it. Heh.

Posted by Sarah at September 22, 2008 08:55 AM | TrackBack

My craftiness is a deduction because I donate the goods/materials to charitable organizations. My mamarazzi photog hobby is also a little deduct - used to be up to 2% of your adjusted gross income not sure what the rules are now but it's the only justification I have for my new camera. I lurve my accountant but he cringes when he sees me coming :)

Glad you're home safe and sound.

Posted by: Susan at September 22, 2008 09:55 AM

On aharris' comment: I work in commercial real estate and do a lot of looking over office leases. In nearly every case, the lease has a clause that passes any real estate taxes down to the businesses leasing the space. It's absolutely true; when business taxes go up (think Obama's proposed windfall profits tax on the oil companies in order to give "working people" another stimulus package), the higher cost eventually trickles down to the consumer. Even if you don't believe in trickle-down economics when it comes to tax breaks for the rich or for companies, it is hard to deny the reality of trickle-down expenses.

Posted by: Emily at September 22, 2008 11:10 AM

Ahh yes, the 'super' rich. My hubby and I are blessed - I have a good job, he owns a successful business. But I feel the same as Sara - from the perspective of "I would happily pay more to see the military pay raised", for instance. I think that would be good for America. I'd rather do that than give 'back' money to people who don't pay taxes. The reality is we allow the government (at all levels) to take too much of our money, with too little accountability, and with too much wasted on the bureaucratic machinery instead of on the end goal/service/goods.
Yeah, I'm grumpy about it. Can you tell? Heh :-)

Posted by: Barb at September 23, 2008 12:23 AM


All of your knitting supplies, postage, packaging, and mileage are deductions if you itemize on federal and/or state tax return. If you file a short form you don't get the deduction, but, you're still a lovely person doing her part to make our world a little better and you will be blessed.

Posted by: Pamela at September 23, 2008 12:32 AM

So..according to Joe Biden Logic are you and
your DH somehow not "Patriotic"? ;)

Posted by: MaryIndiana at September 23, 2008 01:13 PM

(late to the party). One son works for a small construction company that has been in business 25 years. He just went back to work after a 6 week layoff. He knows they might have a 3-4 week layoff (again) coming up, but they are hoping for a really big year long job... but the boss has already said that he will have to lay off one or more if his taxes go up (otherwise he can't stay competitive with other firms)... and if business taxes (including the extra fuel and energy taxes Obama proposes) go up too high, he will have to go out of business... and 5 more guys will be out of jobs. My son said, "What's the point of paying lower income taxes if I have no income?" 'nuff said. More taxes on business does not generate business and it does not generate jobs.

Posted by: Some Soldier's Mom at September 25, 2008 09:02 PM