September 10, 2008


This story made me laugh and cry: Disney motto helped dad, autistic son survive at sea
No matter what gremlins I battle this week, I won't have to tread water for 14 hours and drift away from my child.
There are sure some people out there who endure the worst.

Posted by Sarah at September 10, 2008 09:25 PM | TrackBack

I was totally going to cap on this article until I read it. It made me cry. No big secret that I cry over everything, but it was incredibly touching and emotional how they wrote that in the father's perspective.... The son face down in the water, etc. :(

To infinity and beyond! That's pretty cool! I'm glad that it turned out alright. That.... Yeah, would have sucked bad....

Posted by: Alllison at September 10, 2008 11:52 PM

I can't even imagine. I would have been freaked out for certain. Sounds like one of those rip current thingies. I saw them talking about those on the news. They said you're supposed to swim to the side to get out of it--who remembers that when they are being swept out to sea?!?!

I'm glad they were able to find them both.

Posted by: Guard Wife at September 11, 2008 10:08 AM