August 11, 2008


The dog and I spent 15 hours in the car over the weekend, so we settled in with a book on tape. Michael Crichton's Next didn't get spectacular reviews, but I found it unabridged at the library and thought that it would be good for the car.

After about eight hours of listening, I was starting to get really uneasy.

What I love about Crichton is that he always takes something we can do scientifically and then extrapolates it into the future to the ethical concerns. And yes, I am seriously nervewracked by some of the issues he raised. How about a woman who tracks down her biological father, a man who donated sperm 30 years prior, and says she's suing him because he knew at the time he donated sperm that he was addicted to cocaine, so he passed on his genes for addiction to her? Or what about a scientist getting sued because the meds he gave a woman didn't work, because he couldn't provide documentation that he gave her a placebo?

I have no problem with the technology. I have no problem with people profiting from creating the technology. I do have a serious problem with out litigious society and the ethics dilemmas this stuff will create. We're already sue-happy; just wait until you can sue your parents for procreating and passing along "faulty" genes.

I still have a couple more hours of listening to do, but as usual, Crichton is making me queasy. He's good at that.

Posted by Sarah at August 11, 2008 03:00 PM | TrackBack

Agreed. I love Crichton for the simple reason that I learn so much by reading him.

Posted by: T at August 11, 2008 04:00 PM

As the recipient of a genetic tendency towards having a big ass, I think I'll sue my parents for passing that along.

Just kidding!!!

It's only funny to me because it's not possible yet. When it is, though, something tells me people won't stop to appreciate the ridiculousness of the situation. I mean, they don't NOW.

Ohh - with the news lately, it might be a good time for that audio book about Chechnya!

Posted by: airforcewife at August 11, 2008 04:30 PM

AFW -- Gonna listen to that on the way home. Yeah, I got to WV, and CaliValleyGirl called and said, "Did you hear about Georgia? And John Edwards?" So much happened while I was in the car!

Posted by: Sarah at August 11, 2008 06:32 PM

I'm always apologizing to my kids for the bad genes I passed on, a lot of autoimmune stuff going on!
And my granddaughters are already showing what airforcewife is talking about, I tell them it's okay the guys seem to like it, at least while you're young. Maybe I just have a sweet husband.

And I wouldn't worry about missing all the Edwards crap, we already knew the MSM was covering for him.

Posted by: Ruth H at August 11, 2008 07:11 PM