July 03, 2008


I just watched the final Rambo. It was good. It was also a lot more gory than the other ones, but I guess that's the norm 20 years later. No liveblog of this one though; I just wanted to enjoy watching it. Also, it's hard to crochet, watch, and liveblog. Especially this mess.


Now, if it had been a knitting pattern, I would've seen this coming. But I'm new to crochet, and I didn't recognize this for what it was: one big intarsia afghan. Yes, that's a photo of not quite 12 inches of single crochets...and 11 balls of yarn hanging from the edge. The sandwich baggies are helping, and I've worked out a pretty decent system of working on the thing, but I'm not sure I'll ever do one of these again. It's just not at all portable, so you gotta have a bathroom break, and a drink and the phone nearby, before you put that puppy on your lap and get started.

That's 1/5th of the afghan. I have probably spent nine hours on it so far.

Posted by Sarah at July 3, 2008 07:59 PM | TrackBack

Oh wow...it looks gorgeous though!

Posted by: Kiki at July 3, 2008 08:37 PM

Nice blanket! That's quite the endeavor! I find blankets to be crazy, but I haven't whipped one out in that style before, I usually just switch from skein to skein. Very nice. Keep on hookin!

Posted by: Darla at July 5, 2008 02:05 PM

Ah, for a second there I didn't understand why you were keeping all the balls attached, but now I get it. You're doing it from bottom to top, not going around and around like I do. Going around and around means only carrying one or two balls at a time, but it makes for a completely different look to the stitching.

I've done one and a half full blankets (can cover a queen sized bed), and one and a half baby blankets (so far), not to mention I don't know how many scarves and hats. Right now I'm working on finishing the second baby blanket and also stitching myself a shoulder bag to carry my crocheting in so that I can take smaller projects with me when I go places.

Posted by: Emily at July 7, 2008 02:39 PM