June 05, 2008


My husband will probably be mighty glad when my mom leaves because we've been spending money like a pimp with a week to live. In addition to gardening stuff, we've been buying baby things and maternity clothes.

And boy howdy, did I pick the right era to get pregnant in. Maternity clearance rack: $14.95. OK, let me just walk across the aisle to the juniors section. Shirts that look exactly like maternity: $4.97. This wacky style right now is perfect for chicks who want cheap maternity shirts. They're everywhere these days.

And we walked through the dresses section; man, I wish I'd had a camera on me. What in the holy heck is going on with dresses? It looked like the costume rack from Laugh In. Funky psychedelic nightmares on empire-waisted dresses that would barely cover your butt. Seriously, Twiggy's clothes are back in style. And half the patterns looked like something Mrs. Roper would wear.

My mom joked that I've bought more clothes for myself this week than I have since I got married. And she's probably right, considering the shirt I wore out to the store was something I got in 1998.

Husband, don't look at the credit card this week. Between the emergency trip to the vet and my shopping spree...well, it's a good thing you get your deployment benefits this month.

Posted by Sarah at June 5, 2008 07:03 PM | TrackBack

I was out shopping today for a dress for my mother's wedding and I had the *exact* same thoughts. It is indeed a perfect time to be pregnant, and since I am not I have no desire to LOOK like I am. I should just get myself a pair of go-go boots and call it good.

Posted by: dutchgirl at June 5, 2008 10:31 PM

Ohhhh! I LOVELOVELOVE the maternity-style stuff. My gut is nasty-nas after the babies.... The tent bottom and empire waist... Thank you, God.

Be careful getting too many clothes early on. You WILL be surprised at your size later.... Not lecturing, just warning. :P

And, your blanket is gorgeous -- I am super thankful and appreciative of your craft!!!

Posted by: Allison at June 5, 2008 11:43 PM

I was noticing this trend starting last year, too. Maternity style empire waists and/or flowy-bottomed shirts are very popular right now. They make some people look pregnant who aren't, but yes; are very convenient for those lucky women who are.

Now, if we can only conceive before this stuff goes out of style again... ;)

Posted by: Emily at June 9, 2008 02:27 PM

That stuff came into style after I was so huge and round I had to wear maternity clothes! Good timimg, Sarah! :)

Posted by: Deltasierra at June 9, 2008 07:46 PM