April 25, 2008


An astute observation on how Obama and Clinton are tearing the Democrats in half:

Also, heard from a smart conservative strategist a day or so ago... this is what happens when your party is made up of groups that want government to do things for them (and spend time and resources) vs. when your party is made up of groups that want government to get off their backs and go away.

Government dollars, even with high tax rates, are finite. Sooner or later, a dollar has to be spent on either environmental protection or worker retraining programs, on scholarships or on expanding Social Security, on government-run health care or foreign aid, on infrastructure programs or on open space preservation. Sooner or later, a Democratic leader can only split the difference so much, and more resources will go to one instead of the other. Someone will feel shortchanged, resentments will build. Besides money, there's the finite resource of time, focus, and energy of lawmakers.

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You know, I recently did some research on this whole mess, and while I was searching I found myself at the Democratic National Committee website. If you've never looked, it's fairly funny. There's not a picture or a news story about Clinton or Obama on there. It's all pictures of McCain and how awful he is. I'm not sure why anyone would ever want to elect someone on a platform of "anti" but that's just what the democrats are after. No wonder this congress is the lowest rated in a trillion years!

Posted by: KBG at April 25, 2008 11:03 AM