May 13, 2007


I arrived in L.A. on Friday and after a lovely lunch with CaliValleyGirl's family, we were off to San Diego. The Garmin said it was 110 miles. "Cool, we'll be there plenty early," I thought.

I never used to understand Crazy Aunt Purl's blog posts about traffic. Now I do. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Where I come from, miles and minutes are easily linked; here there is no such connection, save the fact that miles equal a boatload of minutes.

110 miles took us four hours. Seriously.
I now can crack up at all these posts about L.A. traffic.

Posted by Sarah at May 13, 2007 05:49 PM | TrackBack

You can get from Paris to Lyon faster by the bullet train than by car.

Europe is progressing into the future, leaving the USA stuck in its mid-20th century ways

Posted by: q at May 13, 2007 06:26 PM

Oh Yikes! Closest I ever came to that were the occasions we'd get caught in a Stau in our travels in Europe. 110 Miles in 4 hours? I'd have probably been cussing.

Posted by: Robin at May 13, 2007 06:48 PM

That is the reason I will never see San Diego again.
We traveled from LA to San Diego so we could see all the Scripps Institute Marine biology "stuff." My husband is a marine biologist, he got his degrees here in Texas from A&M '56, (when it was a REAL military school, no girls) and UT for the Phd; his brother followed him in that field and did his graduate work at Scripps Institute so when we visited our kids in California, Moorpark, we had to just "run down there and see Scripps". Right. One very frustrating and very long day later, almost still cursing, our vow was "NEVER AGAIN!" I don't have to tell you how awful it was. I'm glad you had a good time with the SpouseBuzz though.

Posted by: Ruth H at May 14, 2007 06:22 PM

Exactly. I am from San Diego and watched as crapitalism, freeways and malls destroyed the place. My bro says after work he has to wait until 8pm to go home because otherwise he'll just sit the same about of time in a traffic jam. Sad what free market bs has done to much of the USA. Now I live in Europe, I haven't needed a car in years. Someday, probably too late, US will realize how far behind it is in the developed world.

Posted by: q at May 15, 2007 08:55 AM