May 06, 2007


I'm home from DC, exhausted and full of stuff to say. I promise to say it all tomorrow.

One of my awesome Lurkers (thanks for breakfast!) suggested that I put up a sort of "Best Of" list with some links to typical grok posts in case I have any new readers after the conference. I invite anyone who's here for the first time to check out my In a Nutshell post on the sidebar to learn more about me. If you want more, may I suggest scrolling down the sidebar to my "Tooting My Own Horn" list for a handful of older posts.

Oh, and if you're still confused about the title of my blog, see here.

Posted by Sarah at May 6, 2007 06:41 PM | TrackBack

It was truly a pleasure to meet you, and I hope to see you again next year! In the meantime, will just enjoy your blogging...

Now, back to our regularly scheduled lurking...

Posted by: jck at May 6, 2007 09:38 PM