April 12, 2007


Lileks writes about Hewitt's new book on Mitt Romney:

The point is made with greater clarity in Hugh’s book, which cautions against putting Belief into the mainstream pundit’s meat-grinder. Because once Faith is a fair target, every aspect of faith will be put under the microscope. If you can dismiss a candidate for his belief in the golden tablets, then transubstantiation is next on the list. You want to snigger about Mormon undergarments? Fine; the next time a Sikh runs for public office, quiz him about the same issue. You want to probe a Mormon for the ways in which their Jesus narrative varies, you’d best do the same to a Muslim candidate. And if you can’t see yourself standing up in a press conference asking a Muslim candidate whether Christians will have a problem with him because he doesn’t think Christ died on the cross, you’d best throttle back your zeal for digging into a Mormon.

Amen to that. I can understand how a person can believe one religion and reject others, how he might think someone else is wrong or misguided or ignorant, but I cannot stand it when someone thinks another's religion is weirder than his.

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Okay, I'll admit it. I have a fascination with the Mormon "garmies". And at one of our bases, our devout neighbors were SO AWESOME about passing on info that satisfied my curiousity (which wasn't perverted at all, merely interested in the true facts of something with a 10 on the rumor scale).

But after the umpteen gazillion positive interactions we've had with the huge number of Mormon servicemembers, I will be the last person to cast religious stones towards anyone of that faith. My hubby was adopted by a mainly Mormon unit while he was in Iraq, and I hold them almost 100% responsible for getting him out of there in the strong mental shape he was in.

They kept spirits up, they cheered people up, they had family members from home send letters and packages to those who were getting none.

So perhaps I'm biased. :)

Posted by: airforcewife at April 12, 2007 09:13 PM