February 22, 2007


Ha -- Penn and Teller get hippies at WorldFest to sign a petition banning water. Too rich. I love the last line of the clip: "Yeah, we set these folks up. But it does show that maybe they're not so much environmentalists as they are joiners...of anything."

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OMG...you are spending waaaay too much time watching that stuff....but I think I have watched every episode online too...it is soooo good. (I am a valley girl, by the way, as it is showing thru right now). A few of my other favorites are the one about prostitution and then the one about endangered species, and they interview that poor woman in the wheelchair who can't build the home on her property, bc of those birds who aren't there, and everyone else in the neighborhood got a varience and was able to build, but she wasn't. It's criminal, absolutely criminal.

I also love when they are grilling the "spokes person" and she doesn't know squat about logging or whatever they were protesting.

I am sooo going to see those guys when I go to Vegas. They are like South Park...they don't like conservatives, but they dislike socialists even more. My kind of people.

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