February 09, 2007


Found an old post from an Air Force wife where she encountered Extreme Snottiness from other wives:

As I was paying for my groceries I heard "you would think the commander's wife would put a little more thought into her appearance before leaving the house."

I looked around and realized they were talking about me.

Thank heavens my husband will never be a traditional commander because of his switch to CA. I haven't worn make-up in two years, except for that one day at SpouseBUZZ Live. And I wear so many track suits I chould be in a Wes Anderson movie. Today I have on courderoy pants covered in drips of baby blue paint. They used to belong to my dad 15 years ago. I think the paint came from his boat or something. A beauty queen, I am not.

Posted by Sarah at February 9, 2007 01:38 PM | TrackBack

LOL...I'd probably be that wife they'd talk about. My wardrobe consists mostly of blue jeans and T-shirts, which I of course didn't want to wear to the hubby's promotion Tuesday. Yet he didn't understand why I was stressing out about what I was going to wear. I'm certainly no beauty queen either.

Posted by: Robin at February 9, 2007 03:22 PM

I'm personally trying to start my own fashion trend: bib overalls over p.j.s. Hasn't quite caught on yet. ;o)

Posted by: MargeinMI at February 10, 2007 05:51 AM