December 24, 2006


On this Christmas Eve, be thankful for the men and women who serve our country, many of whom are too young to even rent a car...

Posted by Sarah at December 24, 2006 02:36 PM | TrackBack

What a wonderful story! A very Merry Christmas to you and your husband (and puppy)!

Posted by: Teresa at December 24, 2006 03:04 PM

That brought tears of joy to my eyes. That is what the Christmas season and spirit is all about! Merry Christmas to everyone!

Posted by: Vonn at December 25, 2006 11:36 AM

Lovely story -- there *are* great people out there :-)

Merry Christmas to you all - and thank you for your service (both of you)!

Posted by: Barb at December 26, 2006 02:59 PM