December 21, 2006


I can't believe it's almost Christmas.

This holiday season really got lost in the move. I chuckled yesterday when I was unpacking boxed that hadn't been opened since Germany and I thought, "Wow, it's just like Christmas! Oh wait..." In the rush to buy a washer and dryer, a fridge, a sofa, two armoires, new brakes, and a host of other house needs (still no blinds -- that's today), I haven't even thought about Christmas. Not to mention that it's warm here, so how can my brain process it when a store clerk wishes me a merry Christmas and I'm wearing short sleeves? Does not compute.

Also my husband's present is lost somewhere in the house. I had hidden it in the computer room in the apartment, but I've opened all the computer room boxes here and it's nowhere to be found. I came across his present to me, which he had hidden in his underpants drawer. I told him that was maybe not the best place to hide it considering it was laundry day. Thankfully I didn't really see what it was, because I had an a-ha moment that maybe I shouldn't investigate further.

I have to shop for Christmas dinner. But first I have to clear away eight thousand glasses and dishes and bowls and tupperwares off the countertops.

Posted by Sarah at December 21, 2006 09:21 AM | TrackBack

Yeah right you didn't look.

Posted by: Will at December 21, 2006 06:03 PM

Merry Christmas to you and yours Sarah.


Posted by: Kalroy at December 23, 2006 12:01 AM

Wishing you and your hubbie a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for protecting my freedom.

Posted by: Kathleen A at December 24, 2006 06:03 AM