December 05, 2006


What happens when they pack you out for a PCS is that invariably you will start to have desires for belongings you haven't looked at in years. The minute your stuff goes in boxes, you'll find yourself saying something like, "Honey, remember that Korean woman I taught English to five years ago? No? Well, when we get home I'll show you a picture. Oh wait. Nevermind." All of a sudden you'll have indescribable urges to look up the Whiskey Rebellion in your old history textbook, a book you haven't touched in ten years. It never fails, every PCS.

I miss my stuff already.

Oooh, and we had female movers. Heavenly. Male movers want you out of their way so they can do their job as quickly as possible. Female movers ask you questions about how you want something packed, whether you actually meant to leave this item out to take with you, and so on. All my worries dissipated when women walked through the front door.

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When we packed out from Fort Knox heading to Germany we had two sweet ladies who packed us . . . they were so kind and very careful with our stuff and turns out they were German. Everything made it safe and sound . . . nothing broke except for the bottle of vanilla that I smuggled after they finished their job! At least it smelled good when that box was opened; it masked the sweet smell of natural fertilizer in Germany.

Posted by: Heidi at December 5, 2006 01:52 PM