June 09, 2006


Via CaliValleyGirl via Smink, I heard about this academic paper on milblogs. I haven't read the whole thing yet, only the part that Cali pointed out to me on pg 13.

Neil Prackish is an Army reserve officer and Silver Star awardee for valor; a dentist in civilian life, Prackish recently stopped blogging on his popular site, Armor Geddon, because of his own concerns for operational security.

Um, no, no, and no.

Neil Prakash is an active duty soldier. He is not a dentist, nor does he have any plans to be one (but his parents both are). I would even quibble about the reason he stopped blogging, but since I only know because we've sat in my living room and talked about it, I can hardly fault the authors that one. But otherwise, at least please spell his name right. Neil was hardly secretive or incognito on his blog, so these are things that should've been easy to fact check.

See, I typed "Neil Prakash" into google and immediately found better info on him than this academic paper provides. Of course, I spelled his name correctly, so maybe that's how I found it so fast. Hardy har.

Posted by Sarah at June 9, 2006 09:32 AM | TrackBack

Loved Neil's blog,miss it,too.. Didn't he
get a book deal about a skillion years ago??
Where is it? I'd run (not walk) to buy a copy.

Money for nothin' Neil!

Posted by: MaryIndiana at June 10, 2006 01:34 AM

It looks like this wasn't an academic study, if by 'academic' you mean conducted by academics, i.e., professors. Seems to have been done by DOD civilians who were taking part in a DOD course that just happened to be n OU's campus.

Posted by: Pericles at June 10, 2006 09:32 PM