April 11, 2006


Wanna read some absolutely depressing stuff about immigration?
No easy answers on immigration conundrum

Posted by Sarah at April 11, 2006 04:07 PM | TrackBack

I love your blog. Good reading!

Posted by: dkswife at April 11, 2006 06:51 PM

I think Bush is in the pocket of certain special interests that prefer to pay a lot less than the minimum wage by using illegal labor. I don't know how else to explain his attitude about it. I mean, if it meant feeding yourself and you got paid decently, I know plenty of young Americans that would work in 'primary resource' jobs.

Posted by: Will at April 12, 2006 12:29 AM

Hi, I found your site by cruising the oh so short list on the anit-idiotariaknits webring. I just became a member of it.

Take care and stay safe!

God Bless!

Posted by: dkswife at April 12, 2006 03:34 PM

Actually the easy answer is to seal the damn border. Preferably with a moat of fire. But that's just me.

Posted by: Mare at April 13, 2006 04:43 PM

That will show those cold and hungry masses yearning to breath.

Posted by: Will at April 14, 2006 12:24 AM