July 26, 2005


Mark Steyn: Mugged by reality? (via RWN)
This Will Make You Proud (via my dad)

Posted by Sarah at July 26, 2005 08:33 AM | TrackBack

i will never get used to this concept that news must be neutral. I would not be surprised if we were to be given articles on rape from the perpetrator's side. Sometimes you just have to pick a side and ride with it.

Posted by: Walter E. Wallis at July 27, 2005 08:47 PM

Sarah - thanks for the links. I recognized Capt. Chontosh's name immediately, and the tribute was wonderful.

The story from Mark Steyn is just stunning to me. All of the PC/bend-over-backwards crap is now beyond silly, it has become dangerous in today's world.

Posted by: Barb at July 27, 2005 10:02 PM

Maybe this doesn't affect the main point, but it looks like the man in her office was not really Atta:

Posted by: Pericles at July 28, 2005 08:24 PM