May 24, 2005


(via Bunker) Bush Country: The Middle East embraces democracy--and the American president by Fouad Ajami

Posted by Sarah at May 24, 2005 11:00 AM

Why don't we see such thought-provoking stuff in other publications? Do they believe we can't think?

Posted by: Mike at May 24, 2005 12:32 PM

Nice to have you back! I enjoy reading your blog, and get a chuckle (and sometimes a tear) out of your insights.

I'm a former Marine and my wife is a schoolteacher. We spent the better part of our first three years of marriage apart as I was constantly deployed. But the last two years of my military time was spent in Okinawa on an accompanied tour with my wife. We had an opportunity to travel many places that we never would have had an oppportunity to visit otherwise (including Germany(Bavaria/Austria) etc).

I love your writing! Please keep it up!

Posted by: The Cat at May 24, 2005 04:07 PM