April 30, 2005


We're leaving for our vacation tonight, but look what we did this afternoon...


When we get back, we will choose one that's right for us. The cuteness went to eleven today.

We'll be gone for two weeks, as if I could get any further outside of the blogging loop. It's been 16 months since we've been in the US, and we're jumping out of our skin. I'm sure I will have stories when I return.

Posted by Sarah at April 30, 2005 04:19 PM

ohhhh gotta be #2 or #4....doll babies, have fun.

Posted by: ArmyWifeToddlerMom at April 30, 2005 10:06 PM

Yeah, we're leaning towards the brown ones: I like #2 and the husband likes #4, but I think personality will go a long way towards the decision...

Posted by: Sarah at April 30, 2005 10:13 PM

Pick for personality. All else means little.

Posted by: Bunker at May 1, 2005 12:10 AM

Not to be a downer, but don't forget what I posted a few months back -- worm early, worm often.

That said -- Oh. My. God. CUTE! While it's good to pick on personality, remember that personalities evolve over time -- what they're like at 2 weeks is a *lot* different from what they're like at 6 months, or a year. Generally, it's a good idea to decide what energy level you're looking for -- mellow? agile? non-stop rocket? -- and get a feel for that. We got both the largest and smallest from our litter. The big guy was really well-behaved but sometimes distant, while the little one is *so* sweet but sometimes gets into trouble. Personally, I'd suggest looking for the "runt" if you want to have a lapdog. Good luck, whatever you choose.

Also, have you looked at any old articles lately? Seeing a lot of comment spam. Pure Discount Viagro, anybody?

Posted by: James at May 2, 2005 04:48 PM

Oh my Lord... Your eating Puppies???

Posted by: Baldgrant at May 3, 2005 11:09 PM