February 25, 2005


Life. Is. Good.

So I woke up this morning to the wonderful sound of my husband getting online, which incidentally is the Futurama theme song. (Now any time I hear it, I have this Pavlovian response where my heart goes "Husband?". But I digress.) My husband woke me up, which is cool.

But no, he's not in Kuwait.

Anyway, then he called later too, which was excellent. He's so bored, since his transfer of authority was like a week ago. So twice in one day, awesome.

Some things today were not so awesome though, like the fact that we live on an Army post where you can't buy green thread. Nope. None. What on earth? How am I supposed to change his insignia to Black Diamond if I can't buy green thread? Shouldn't that be the most obvious color for Clothing and Sales to offer? Nothing in the military is black or white, but those are the colors they sell. Sheesh.

By the way, Black Diamond is really fun to say, in a super-dramatic voice.

So I went to get the mail this evening, and the yarn I've been waiting for for like, oh, say, two and a half months just arrived. And then I stopped by the Shopette to rent a movie, and there was nothing good to rent, so I was wandering around aimlessly and managed to run smack dab into a display of South Park Season 5. Wha? When I called yesterday, they didn't have any. But now they do...

Yarn? Check. South Park Season 5? Check. Illness subsiding? Check.

And then, as I sat down to write this post, the husband got online again. Thrice in one day.

I'm walkin' on sunshine, woa-oh-oh!

Posted by Sarah at February 25, 2005 05:58 PM

Cool, your hubby is beginin' to dabble in my field. Except in Uncle Sugar's Navy, our Supply Corps would be a combination of the Army's Quartermaster Corps, Finance Corps, Transportation Corps, and a piece of the Ordnance Corps. Our emblem is known as the "Pork Chop" actually it is a cluster of 3 Oak Leaves, three acorns and a stem. All staff corps in the Navy are represented by some combination of Live Oak leaves, twigs and acorns, supposedly because the old Navy of wooden ships crewed by iron men were primarily built of Southern Live Oak. Not nearly as dramatic as your "Black Diamond" but it is equivelent to marking one as gourmet vice the old white can with black letters. Congrats and hope you get him home soon

Posted by: Ed at February 25, 2005 09:18 PM