February 20, 2005


Red 6 is home; I can pick him up in three hours.

Operation Iraqi Freedom II is over:
Red 6 is home.
Greyhawk is home.
Sminklemeyer is home.
The Questing Cat is home.
My favorite reservist is home.

I just want it to be my turn already...

I'm trying to maintain the same optimism and cheer that I had all through the deployment, but it's hard. Everyone else has a sign on their door. There are twelve planes full of soldiers this weekend, and mine isn't even in Kuwait yet.

I keep telling myself that today is for the soldiers, that as I stand there in the gym to pick up Red 6, I am celebrating the safe return of the majority of our brigade. I am going to concentrate on the happy faces in camoflauge, not the giddy wives who surround me. I am going to remind myself that one of my best friends is home today, and that my husband will be following in a few weeks.

Today is a day to be happy. Today is a day to be happy.
(If I keep saying it, maybe the tears will stop rolling down my cheeks.)


It wasn't so bad. In a way, it was quite exciting: all the soldiers running to grab their kids. Red 6 is doing great, but he's frustrated that many of his soldiers are still back in Iraq. I'm glad to see him.

(Oh yeah, and I got to shake SPC Roby's hand, the infamous corn syrup chugger. Heh.)

Posted by Sarah at February 20, 2005 10:36 AM

Soon, Sarah. Soon.

Posted by: CavalierX at February 20, 2005 04:19 PM

Remember . . . they save the best for last! Don't you just hate all those stupid sayings. I have heard a ton. It is bittersweet for me but glad to hear that everyone is coming home safe. I think about everyone daily. . . keep that chin up!

Posted by: Heidi at February 20, 2005 04:24 PM

Oh, honey... Hang in there. You've got months and months behind you and only days ahead of you. You're gonna make it. :)

Posted by: Beth at February 20, 2005 09:40 PM

Waiting these last fews weeks must seem longer and harder than all the months before ... you know we're pulling for you, right? Just hang in and hang on.

Posted by: Debbye at February 20, 2005 10:31 PM