January 09, 2005


Dude, Red 6, we're not the only ones who hate your shelf toilet!

Posted by Sarah at January 9, 2005 02:35 PM

Yeah, the male sitting while peeing thing is also funny...more curious is the fact that the only two people I know in Germany with the sticker in their bathroom admonishing men to sit down are MEN! Yes. And I asked one friend (and this guy is no girly-man: he is a linebacker for American football in Germany, at least 6'3 and 250lbs) about it, and he replied: "when you have to start cleaning your own toilet, you start caring about it".
The shelf toilet is weird...one of my brothers didn't want to visit me: he asked me first: "do you have one of those weird toilets and those stupid hand-held showers?"

Posted by: calivalleygirl at January 9, 2005 07:42 PM

Gosh, Sarah... is this what I have to look forward to?! HA HA HA

Posted by: Suzy at January 9, 2005 08:31 PM