December 01, 2004


The Iraq Page: Remembering Those who Lost Their Lives in the Iraq War of 2003
Thousand lost lives grab our attention
Soldier remembered for life transformed, then lost

Tonight I heard Brig. Gen. Hertling of 7th ATC say something I won't soon forget: Our soldiers have not lost their lives in Iraq; they have sacrificed their lives for freedom and for their brothers and sisters in arms. That struck me. Their lives were not lost or taken, but instead they have given their lives for something much bigger than themselves. That's a wise statement and a comforting way of looking at the situation. The enemy cannot take that which we have sworn to give so that the tree of liberty may be refreshed.

Posted by Sarah at December 1, 2004 08:45 PM

Sarah - I guess it's hard to see it that way for some of us. I read today about a NYC firefighter who went to Ground Zero on 9/11 - hung a flag over the burning ruins - and died this week in Iraq from an IED. Reading about his wife and 2 kids brought me to tears. My heart breaks each time I read these stories - and for some reason, we only get to see stories of 'famous' deaths in Iraq or Afghanistan. Through Stryker News I read about wounded soldiers and I know there are so many more of them. I wonder how many stories we don't know - how many faces we will never see. It bothers me that these families don't know how we feel about them and their loss. I feel sad for them and proud at the same time. I wince when I think of their children, wives and parents and husbands. I can't imagine their loss. I want so badly for them to know that I am grateful that they died for protecting freedom. History will look kindly upon them - but how do we let them know TODAY how we feel? I hate the thought that they think no one cares - cause we do. Eventhough I'm sure it's not much of a consolation to them.

Posted by: Kathleen A at December 2, 2004 02:33 AM