October 09, 2004


Every time I watch the news on TV, I remember why I hate watching the news on TV. I just watched the end of the rerun of the presidential debate, and I wanted to drop a 'bow in Tom Brokaw's face. What on earth is wrong with these news anchors who think that the appropriate way to phrase a question is "Well, my guess is that the majority of Democrats think that President Bush is a complete moron who may possibly still wet the bed. Your thoughts, Karen Hughes?" OK, so it wasn't that bad, but Brokaw might as well have substituted "I think President Bush has lost credibility" instead of pinning his biased and speculative nonsense on the "majority of Democrats." Ugh, I'm staying away from the TV for a while.

Posted by Sarah at October 9, 2004 01:12 PM

I too get frustrated watching television news, Sarah. But take heart. Did you notice how many of the questions directed at John Kerry last night were obviously from conservatives? I would LOVE it if the mainstream press would ask him if he's going to spend tax dollars on abortions. But at least the average, ordinary Americans (whom the press does NOT represent) are not being led blindly along by the TV news.

Posted by: WVUlawgirl at October 9, 2004 06:15 PM

If you want to see the world on TV the way that you see it (i.e. through rose colored glasses) go watch Fox News...or stay here in your homey conservatives only blogosphere.

You scare me. I need to go give some money to the ACLU now.

Posted by: curveball at October 9, 2004 09:13 PM

As opposed to the opaque ones you wear, curveball?

Posted by: Mike at October 10, 2004 02:25 AM

Hahahaha. Trust me, curveball, I would watch Fox if I could, but here overseas I have to watch whatever they provide, and since military programming tries to be fair, they alternate between news stations.

And I don't need news coverage to be conservative, just fair. Brokaw can't sit all buddy-buddy with Hilary Clinton and let her pontificate and then interview the GOP side of the house and belittle their comments. I'd certainly appreciate some evenhandedness.

You should too if you have any integrity.

Posted by: Sarah at October 10, 2004 08:46 AM

THERE IS NO MEDIA BIAS I like how an ABC memo sounded. It basically says that when Bush lies, its center to his re-election campaign and therefore must be brought to light, but when Kerry is lying, it has nothing to do with his election campaign, so we should not try to bring it to light.

Remember, Kerry has had just one position on Iraq, and I think he actually said what it was ONCE. When asked if the war in Iraq was worth it, he said "It depends on the outcome". Now you have to remember how Kerry thinks to understand his real meaning on that. He is not talking about how Iraq goes, it depends on if he wins the election. Thats the outcome he was talking about. Remember, nuanced, if he does not lock down what he means, figure it means something else.

Posted by: Allen Stoner at October 10, 2004 06:52 PM