September 01, 2004


I can't get the link at C-SPAN to work, which is disappointing because I'd really like to hear Gov. Schwarzenegger's charming voice as he gives this speech. I'm with Lileks: I like him.


Kalroy's link worked. Heh. Arnold just said "girlie-men", and George H.W. Bush and I both cracked up!

Posted by Sarah at September 1, 2004 07:29 AM

Both Arnold and Laura Bush did an outstanding job. Arnold is a good speaker, and Laura Bush is nothing but "class"--a good night for the Republicans. I guess Michael Moore couldn't take the heat. He's not going back to the convention. He's a bully; he can sure dish it out, but when the tables are turned, he runs pretty fast.

Posted by: Nancy at September 1, 2004 08:26 AM

I kind of felt sorry for Laura, Arnold was one tough act to follow. His pride in this country was just beaming out of him every minute of that speech. Rudy's speech the night before was the best so far IMO. Even McCain impressed me, and I'm not a huge fan of his. GO BUSH!

Oh, and I agree, she's one classy lady. Can't even imagine "The Razor" as first lady. UGH!

Posted by: MargeinMI at September 1, 2004 01:28 PM

Actually, I felt sorry for Ah-nold - he had to follow Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. If you didn't see it and doubt me, pull it up on and watch the replay.

Posted by: Glenmore at September 1, 2004 01:46 PM

Try this one.
Maybe it'll work for you.


Posted by: kalroy at September 1, 2004 11:14 PM

Hey nice LaDY!!!
Okay, I found this on the GOP Convention site. Supposedly it's got the video of Arnie, and others, on it.
Looking at the list, it's amazing how many speakers I got bored into missing.


Posted by: kalroy at September 2, 2004 04:39 AM

Too bad Arnold's speech is based on a fictional history:

Posted by: curveball at September 3, 2004 09:17 PM

You should have listened to the speech, and read the entire text of the article you cited. Arnie never claimed to have seen soviet tanks in his hometown. He talked about visiting Soviet occupied Austria, and even talked about going through the checkpoint into the Soviet occupied area.

Also the Soviets were quite scary to those who lived next to them and in their shadow. As to his statement of leaving socialist Austria, he said that it had become socialist which is debatable if one uses the Soviet Union as your comparison, but is entirely true when comparing it to the US.

Nice try at propagating propaganda though.


Posted by: kalroy at September 5, 2004 04:46 PM

Funny...The Soviets also were responsible for ousting the Nazi occupiers. Again, you use sematics to muddle the issue.

Posted by: curveball at September 6, 2004 03:00 PM

What does the Soviet role in World War II (guess the allies didn't take part in it at all, since you claim the Soviets were responsible) have to do with whether or not Arnie saw Soviet Tanks while in the Soviet occupied zone of Austria?

Again, you propagandize to hide the inanities of your own argument.

Just admit that you haven't read the transcript of his speech and are simply spouting the party line. Had you read, or listened to his speech you'd have realized he was talking about the Soviet occupied zone. Had you done any research, you'd have found that Arnie himself has already clarified that when he mentioned entering the Soviet Occupied zone, what he meant was that he was in the Soviet Occupied zone.

I'm guessing you're a journalist, since you exhibit all the qualities of one.


Posted by: kalroy at September 6, 2004 04:22 PM